How Technology Helped the Church

The advancement in technology seems to be beneficial to all sectors that embrace it. The church has embraced technology and is massively reaping the benefits. Highlighted below are some of the benefits that have accrued to the church through technology.


  1. Reduction in costs

With the perpetual growth of technology most churches are experiencing a reduction in the running cost of some of their activities which when done traditionally would have cost them a small fortune. For example, by use of a church website a church will post all its announcements, service planning or hymns yet normally it would be printing flyers and bulletins and distributing them all over. The funds saved go towards serving and supporting good causes taken on by the church like feeding the homeless or funding missionary projects in underprivileged African countries.


  1. Efficient Evangelism through communication


Most big churches tend to broadcast and record their sermons then later put them up on their website or even YouTube, this is a very convenient use of technology as it seeks to spread the religion even further. The recorded sermon can be viewed by members and even non-members of the church who are various people scattered across various continents. Through their social media presence churches and some ministers have been able to spread the word at a phenomenal rate. For example, the Pope Francis has over 17.8 million followers on twitter, therefore, his evangelical reach is on a global scale as compared to how it would have been without technology.


  1. Use of apps


There are several apps that the church has chosen to embrace like the Bible and prayer apps. These applications are used to strengthen the believer’s routine while the Bible app is a convenient way of always having the bible with you on the go and in a variety of languages across the world. Some churches seem to want to be more technology savvy and even have customized apps so as to enable them to constantly update their followers on the activities of the church and enable interaction with the members.


  1. Electronic Giving


Through embracing technology some churches have a mode of electronic giving. This is to facilitate the givers who wish to give or donate to the church but lack any sort of physical cash with them or the giver is physically too far to give his contribution in person. Through this also, they have been able to receive donor funding to continue with its charitable works all over, which may include the running of orphanages and other centers. They use the funds to make food programs where they learn how to store cooked quinoa


  1. Enhancement of music ministry and Improvement of social goodwill


A church sermon without music is kind of odd in the modern day, through the use of modern instruments and technological advancements the church provides a great platform for the people to demonstrate their talents and nurture them, also through this they are able to employ various people on a permanent basis like the technical staff who helps to run the websites, blogs and set up the implements needed to perform their ministry like the pianos, monitors to display lyrics or the verses from the sermons. Through this, they get to earn social goodwill from the areas they operate in.